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The Wire: Season 1

The Wire: Season 1

Episode 1: I finally watched 'The Wire' and have to talk about it

I really have no idea what to put here. Everything I wanted to say about season 1 of The Wire, I said in the podcast. Literally said it out loud.

However. My inclination is to fill empty pages with words, so here we are.

I didn’t actually say everything about The Wire that could be said. Part of that is the sheer newness of this podcast endeavor. I’ve listened to probably thousands of podcasts, but doing it yourself is a different set of muscles. It’s like when albino Neo emerged from his sludge bath and discovered his eyes hella hurt because he’s never used them before.

But The Wire itself is also yet too new to me to foster super deep thoughts, or even overly silly ones. Which is not my typical modus operandi. I get a lot of mileage out of going back to the same wells again and again. It becomes a bit of a challenge—can I run out of things to say about Star Wars? (So far, a resounding no.)

So in some ways, it was maybe not my best idea starting the podcast with a show I’ve only seen once, and only recently. On the other hand, I loved it and was excited to talk about it. Enthusiasm is a super power.

The tldr; there are no penis jokes in this pod.

What is in this episode:

  • Guessing the favorite TV shows of recent US Presidents.

  • Familiar faces who got their start on The Wire.

  • How and why the very first scene haunted me the entire season.

  • My favorite characters and scenes.

  • Hopes for season 2.

  • Audio footnotes.

I’ve listened to this episode at least 12 times now, enough that I’ve learned to tolerate my own voice. Downside, I’ve lost all objectivity. I legit can’t tell if this is good, bad, or indifferent.

I think it may be a little of all three.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on season 1!

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