All the Fanfare
All the Fanfare
All the Fanfare: The Podcast

All the Fanfare: The Podcast

This is just a promo, the real deal releases May 15th

Update: We’re syndicated at all the major outlets.

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YouTube required a video of my face and 24 hours to add the podcast. I’ll update this when YouTube decides I’m a real boy.

Because I’ve never done anything like this, I thought it might be a good idea to pre-release an episode to figure things out. Namely how to syndicate the podcast to Apple, Spotify, etc.

Substack also has its own idiosyncrasies, such as the fact that I can just treat the podcast episode like a traditional newsletter post, I guess, and write as much as I feel like. Which seems weird, because everything I wanted to say should be in the pod? I dunno.

I intended this post mostly as a way to scout out unfamiliar territory and come back with some actionable intelligence. But I discovered making myself sit down to record an episode zero actually had a positive side benefit.

Dear reader—I’m not exactly what you’d call a planner. As many of you know, I have always idolized Han Solo. And, either through osmosis or fate, my version of planning often resembles Han’s ready-fire-aim approach. I think of something that sounds fun and jump in, and only after do I ask the pertinent questions: Is this a good idea? Is it a worthwhile use of my time? Is there maybe a better way to do this?

Recording this zero episode forced to me to clarify my plans for the podcast. How do I describe this thing to people who don’t already know about me? That made me step back and clarify some things, even if just for myself.

Some nuts & bolts details

  • I’m hosting the podcast on Substack. If you are a newsletter subscriber, episodes will be delivered to your inbox as though they are traditional posts. I honestly don’t love that.

  • I’m syndicating to the main podcast services, so you’ll be able to subscribe and listen via your podcast app of choice.

  • It might take a few days for All the Fanfare to show up on the various feeds, which is partly why I am releasing a zero episode.

I guess that’s it for now. Feeling excited and also super nervous.

All the Fanfare
All the Fanfare
An irreverent celebration of pop culture. Funny asides and probably overly serious analysis on movies, TV shows, and video games. Mainly focusing on stuff from the 1980s - 2010s. New episodes every week.
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