This is the second time in the last couple of days that I've seen the late great Grantland mentioned. I think it's a sign that the universe ,misses it as much as we all do.

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Had no idea you were a Firefly fan! I really liked the show and the movie. It was sad that it never really became the new big Whedon show. I remember reading an article where Whedon's earliest draft for Serenity was 700 pages and was basically Firefly S2 before he rewrote it into a movie script. Still curious about the stories that never ended up on screen. I do believe there is little chance of a revival given Whedon's current situation. But if it did happen I imagine the original cast would return. Coming back 25+ years later is all the rage these days.

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Daymond John is like in my top 2 sharks! #1 is Lori obvi. Second place I vacillate between Daymond or Robert. If I would have to guess, I bet your fave is Herjavec (cuz of the infosec nerd stuff) or Cuban (cuz 🏀)?

Excellent borrows as usual. Can you make The Library a regular feature of the Fri Hi 5 please, I really love it ❤️ Have a great weekend Eric!

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Bocce? Like the Italian street game?

I certainly understand your feelings regarding "Firefly". There have been plenty of shows I liked that didn't have near the run they should have had originally.

But I also known clearly how an ill-conceived and poorly produced reboot can destroy the integrity and reputation of an original and innovative IP- it is happening too often with shows I once enjoyed in the past. The executives and animators responsible need to join the guys you hate on the Taco Bell cleanup crew.

At least "Firefly" was spared that indignity.

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Comments on 3.5 out of the 5.

1: I was in Boston last week and went to the Boston Public Library. What an amazing building, and it was great to see so many people there reading or studying, it wasn't just tourists. Came back with the resolve to visit my library more. The library system is a treasure and is under attack by the forces of ignorance. We shouldn't stand for this.

2: As someone else who was work from home before it was cool, I solved the standing problem by listening to vinyl. Every time I have to flip a record, I raise or lower my standing desk. I do keep thinking about a desk treadmill though.

3: The best Star Wars novelization is Revenge of the Sith. It really adds a lot of the Palaptine/Anakin relationship and Anakin's descent into madness, so to speak. Also, Matthew Stover is the author, who I think is one of the best Star Wars novelists. I wish he'd do more, maybe he does and I'm not aware. I'm so far behind on canon books it's not even funny. Even the novelization for Rise of Skywalker manages to improve the movie, just by adding facts like Papatine was a clone. You know, things that might have been helpful to explain in the movie.

3.5: I know Hollywood is strip mining every available piece of IP to reboot rather than invest in new ideas, but some should just be left alone. I live in fear that they'll announce a reboot of The X-Files without Mulder and Scully. A lesson they should have already learned.

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