Where I'm from, Big Red was the bubble gum of choice instead of Trident Cinnamon. It’s just as you’d imagine - bright red, bold flavor, with a bit of heat. Quite tasty!

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"And by snack, I mean a handful of Doritos hastily consumed while hunched over the sink like a giant raccoon." I laughed so hard at this! πŸ˜† (I think because I've done potato chips in the pantry!)

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Reading: Lots of grad party invites. Did NOT realize that these were meant for parents as well. I'm married to someone that says "yes" to everything. Oof.

Watching: Cold Case reruns. Yes, really.

Listening: Ivy's "Apartment Life"

Chewing: Wrigley's 5 Cobalt gum

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I was tempted to chime in with "Jodeci are awesome!" But then I realized I was confusing them with K-Ci and JoJo. Because they were from the same era and have "ci" and "jo" in their group name πŸ˜† and the latter had the amazing very romantic slow dance song "All My Life." Love how you tied in Jodeci with cinnamon gum!

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K so I have more thoughts than usual about this High Five.

1) I am with you on the snacking, giant raccoon, and gum thing. I'm out of gum and I might level the whole neighborhood with my hangry.

2) I am going to have to check this app! Do you know if it integrates and updates with the apple fitness + strength workouts? Because that would be SICK.

3) We watched this recently, too, because my husband heard Jason Segel on Armchair Expert, I think. It was a pretty funny movie and the schlong scene was iconic. Thankfully (or not?) it was a prosthesis. πŸ˜‰

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