Indifferent sums up my feelings about all things Marvel right now...and I hate that.

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Sort if excited byt it feels too long ago since the last season and I can barely remember or care how that one ended. I enjoyed it so will tune in...loved the McDonald's preview too.

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I just rewatched Loki S1 over three days. Not only did I think it was better than I remembered, it held together a lot better as a "binge" than it did watching it as they released it.So, I'm going to let at least a few episodes queue up before I start S2.

I'm looking forward to it, especially after the rewatch. I guess one man's "gonzo" is another's inventive and surprising. There's the Flash's approach to a multiverse and there's Loki's. Right off the bat, basing your multiverse jumping show on a character that died in the "main" continuity is bold. Using his learning about how he's "supposed" to die as part of a redemption arc is good, too. They've could have done a lot less to just reel in the Loki fans.

Marvel certainly doesn't get as me as excited as it did a few years ago and yeah, they've released a ton of stuff since Loki S1, but holding that up as a reason to skip the next season of something I enjoyed would feel like punishing myself for something someone else did.

One thing the MCU has done is bring in a diverse set of creators (in terms of both voice and background) give them what seems to me like very broad constraints on what they can do, and then let them go. This means that some things just will not be for me. So I either skip them altogether, or wait for when I've got nothing else to watch. I wasn't a fan of the Spider-man comics after around '83. It didn't stop me from reading the Hulk and the FF.

It looks like I saw Ant-Man 3 after you did. I thought it felt like a TV movie, lame CGI and all. But I also recently watched Guardians 3 and am sorry I skipped the theater.

To be honest, sometimes MCU fans almost sound like the Star Wars fans. That's too bad.

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It’s been so long since season one that I forgot about this show. I did really enjoy season one of Loki and I will be tuning in once I get caught up one some other shows.

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If there's one thing Marvel has taught me as a writer, it's this: keep your fictional universes sustainable and under control, and only link them up if you have actual ideas that will work in that context.

As comic book publishers, Marvel and DC both over-scaled their universes that they started to collapse inward on themselves. Now they are doing the same thing as film producers. Nothing learned.

At least when Stan Lee was running Marvel, he could bring a bit of his personal magnetism to projects to save the day (so to speak). The current management cannot do so.

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